Rescue Dog Rehabilitation


From shelter to a permanent home with a little help in between…

As a behaviourist I am often asked for advice from both rescue organisations and from people who have a newly adopted rescue dog. The transition from living in a busy, rescue kennels or shelter to a family home is huge and often presents challenging problems. 

At Valley View we are firm supporters of ethical rescue, trying to provide the best quality of care and support for a few rather than trying to save the world, which we know is sadly an impossible task. 

We offer limited spaces for a longer term stay of 4-8 weeks, where a rescue dog can rehabilitate in quiet, calm and comfortable surroundings prior to travelling to his or her new home. This provides an opportunity for stress levels to reduce and physiological homeostasis to take place, prior to introducing some training or socialisation, if required. This is particularly beneficial to nervous, anxious dogs, those that show problematic reactivity to other dogs, or those that cannot cope in a shelter environment. The result is a smoother transition to the dog's new life and an increased likelihood of a successful rehoming process.

Each care package is devised  after a comprehensive assessment of the dog's needs on a case by case basis. If you work for a rescue organisation that wishes to place a dog with us, please call to discuss your dog's requirements. Reduced rates apply for rescue organisations.

This option is available to rescue organisations and charities only. Please note that Valley View is NOT a rescues kennels but works closely to support those who are.