Do you have a behaviour problem with your dog, cat or other pet? Confused about what to do because you've received conflicting information? Your veterinarian should be your first resource. After your pet has been examined by your veterinarian, I am here to help you find the BEST solution for you and your dog, cat, or other species of companion animal.

Whether your pet's behaviour has recently become a concern or you are dealing with long-standing behaviour problems, I am qualified to work with you and your family to find the best solution.

I have received supervised graduate and post-graduate training in animal behaviour, psychology, zoology and learning theory at accredited universities. I have the relevant education, research and practical experience according to specified academic and ethical standards. This includes ISCP Diploma in Canine Behaviour & Psychology, Graduate Diploma in Animal Behaviour Management and an MA in Anthrozoology and am currently completing a PhD. I am also proud to be a member of the Pet Professional Guild (PPG), an association of animal professionals dedicated to force-free training practices and am a registered Fear Free Practitioner. I undertake continuous professional development and am committed to constantly improving my knowledge and practice of positive reinforcement behavioural management and training through regular attendance of courses and seminars. 

As an animal behaviourist, I have expertise in (a) behaviour modification, I know the techniques that produce changes in behaviour, (b) the normal behaviour of the species I am treating, so I can recognise how and why your pet’s behaviour is abnormal, and (c) teaching and counselling people, so I can effectively teach you how to understand and work with your pet.

My Mission

enhancing the human-animal relationship through BEHAVIOURAL and environmental modification and training-positively

Understanding your dog and knowing how to control him, develop his potentials, and resolve behaviour problems, emotional conflicts and frustrations are no less essential than love and respect
— Michael. W. Fox

What i've Achieved

  • Rehabilitation of rescued dogs
  • Resolving fearfulness in dogs
  • Dealt with separation anxiety
  • Stopped excessive barking
  • Prevented aggression
  • Provided strategies for dangerous dogs

Please note, referrals must be made through your vet, following a comprehensive medical examination.


Behavioural assessments and modification programs start at €60. This includes an assessment of your dog in your home and a comprehensive behavioural plan for you to work on with your dog.  Follow up visits, if required, are €20 per visit. Payment is required at time of assessment.

  • Worked with multi-cat household issues
  • Resolved feather plucking in parrots
  • Addressed aggression in horses
  • Desensitised reactive dogs
  • Helped integrate new dogs into homes
  • Provided behaviour programmes
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Quality Assured